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Osborne Park Mazda

AHG has evolved to be a leader in “Energy Efficient” building design, they have been working very closely with Wood & Grieve Engineers to be at the forefront of LED lighting implementation into their dealerships. Osborne Park Mazda’s brand new and state of the art facility has officially opened and is one of the largest in Western Australia. 

Amongst the Osborne Park facility upgrades, new LED lighting comprising of the workshop and multi-level parking facility have also taken place.

The lighting design for the display yard utilizes the CREE Edge HO floods which offers unique optical lens technology to provide a lighting distribution designed specifically for the automotive industry. This optic provides excellent vertical illumination to the “front line display” vehicles, with superior colour rendition over old technology Metal Halide floods that have been typically used for the past 20 years. This enables the dealership to run the display yard lighting long into the night, to help capitalize on after hours potential sales.

Security lighting is also performed by the Edge HO yard lights. As they are dimmable LED floods, they are switched down to a preset level (20%) to provide security lighting for the yard. This eliminates the need for dedicated security fittings on a separate circuit on every pole.

Workshop lighting has been done with the CREE CXB LED high bay. The 230w LED fitting replaced standard 400w MH, providing the dealership with energy savings, a better quality of light to work under, and longer lasting quality light. By using the prismatic reflector, the entire workshop is lit uniformly to enable excellent vision for vehicular movement and tradesman safety.

CREE VG parking structure luminaire used in the multi-level car park is designed to deliver optimal, low-glare illumination and eliminates the need for group re-lamping, resulting in a virtually maintenance-free solution for the life of the installation lowering the total cost of ownership and delivering a fast payback.


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Bruce McLean

Electrical Engineers:
Wood & Grieve Engineers 


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Ron Tan